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Developmental Coaching describes coaching that addresses the whole person. Being holistic in nature, it can involve home and work life, plus more personal professional issues (Grant and Cavanagh,2004) such as relationship and career issues.

My work with children in infancy and early years continues to inform my approach to human development. I offer guidance through coaching to parents during times of transitions.

Through constant collaboration with early years parents, I realised a need for parents to have a peaceful space to talk through their concerns and share their feelings. My coaching sessions provide an opportunity to work through developmental transitions that may arise as a result of your current developmental stage or new/current family dynamics. 

An individual session may be appropriate for the one-off feelings that arise before a trip or a long term session working towards feelings of uncertainty regarding your return to work after your maternity/paternity leave.

Early Years Practitioners or Teams that require coaching for their staff should contact us for a quote. Using a Solution-Focused Framework, individuals and teams can achieve increased performance while experiencing an increase in wellbeing. 


Before a coaching relationship is agreed and established, there is an initial 45-minute session to ensure a positive match.  

I coach clients in the following:

Life Coaching

Performance Coaching

Stress Management

Assertion Skills


Navigating Transitions

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personal coaching

Are you constantly overwhelmed and feel like your wellbeing has taken a back seat? With everything you do (as an individual, parent, employee...) it is easy to slip behind when it comes to your own wellbeing. I will work with you to help you realise the importance of your wellbeing, its impact on your your performance in all areas of your life. 

By recognising your strengths from working with you, I guide you through using your strengths in different ways which help you value your wellbeing, increase your performance and realise the impact of a mindful and strength-based approach in your personal and professional life.



That all-too-familiar feeling of being re-energised after a break which runs out the window on the first day back at school.

Are you struggling to find some balance in your home life? Are you struggling to maintain 'having a life' or dating due to constant exhaustion? Are your weekends for recuperating so you're fresh on Monday morning? Are your children getting a grumpy version of you at home?


Your wellbeing is just as important as your job and integral to an emotionally healthy classroom. Your strengths are a big part of your classroom relationships and finding different ways to use it to bring out the best version of yourself and your pupils will support your emotional wellbeing and theirs. Work with me to help you uncover your role as a teacher and/or parent at your maximum potential.



Coach employees, teams and leaders to perform at their maximum potential while flourishing and maintaining holistic wellbeing. We offer a thinking space that facilitates positive thinking, enhances performance and encourages holistic wellbeing by acknowledging transitions and developmental perspectives.


Let's Work Together

“What you seek is seeking you”

                                              - Rumi


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