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Cynthia Adewole (GMBPsS, AMI 0-3 Dip, EYTS)

Welcome to my website! I am a dedicated Developmental Coach and Educational Psychotherapist, committed to providing a secure and private environment for individuals of all ages to grow and flourish.

With a deep-rooted passion for helping children, young people, and adults navigate their developmental journeys, I am here to offer a safe haven where personal growth and transformation can take place.

In the realm of educational psychotherapy, I adhere to the psychoanalytic approach, using its principles to guide my work with children and young people. As part of my professional journey, I am actively working towards achieving accreditation with the esteemed UKCP, ensuring that my practice meets the highest standards of quality and ethics.

As a seasoned Developmental Coach, I bring to the table a solutions-focused methodology that facilitates seamless transitions throughout various life stages. My holistic approach amalgamates insights from developmental psychology, positive psychology, and coaching psychology. By harnessing these perspectives, I am able to unlock the inherent developmental potential within each individual, promoting growth, self-discovery, and well-being.

Prior to my pursuit of psychotherapy training, I forged a strong foundation in the realm of education. My experience as an Assistant to an Infancy Montessori Guide and early years teacher equipped me with a deep understanding of the foundational stages of human development, which I now seamlessly integrate into my coaching and therapeutic practice.

Training, qualifications &experience

Psychological Coaching & Educational Psychotherapy (Child Psychotherapy)

Embarking on my coaching journey almost a decade ago, my passion for transformation ignited within the classroom. There, I adopted a solution-focused approach to aid parents and carers in navigating the early years of parenting. My objective was clear: to empower them with the tools they needed to provide unwavering support for their child/ren.

The year 2019 marked a pivotal moment in my path, as I wholeheartedly committed myself to evolve as a coach. This deliberate choice set me on a trajectory of growth, leading me to engage in coaching supervision and formal training. These foundational steps solidified my expertise and propelled me towards becoming the coach I am today.

I have actively pursued Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in the domain of Coaching, which stands as a cornerstone of my practice. My commitment to excellence is evident not only in the broader field of coaching but also in specialised realms such as Performance Coaching, Stress Management, and Assertion Skills. This diverse range of skills equips me to address multifaceted challenges and cater to unique individual needs.

Drawing from an array of coaching modalities, I am well-equipped to foster holistic well-being. My ability to seamlessly integrate various approaches enables me to tailor my coaching to suit each individual's journey, making their path to growth and contentment as effective and fulfilling as possible.

Thank you for entrusting me with the privilege of being a part of your transformative journey. With a decade of experience and a commitment to ongoing learning, I stand ready to guide you towards a brighter future.

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